Meet Our Plinkit Parents

You're in good company. We created #PlinkitParents to celebrate our Plinkit community - to honor how you’re redefining what parenting means to you. Real every day stories. Nothing inspires us more than you.

Meet Angela

Meet Angela! She is that bright ray of sunshine, fun and confidence in a room (also captured in all the...

Meet Robia

Meet Robia! A deeply soulful Mamma whose honesty and earnestness during these unusual times is a welcome perspective. Her candid...

Meet Dara

Meet Dara! A tireless source of energy and motivation to her family. She brings that same drive and soulful passion...

Meet Jessie

Meet Jessie! A change agent and a warrior – mother to civic-minded children and partner to a frontline health worker....

Meet Amy

Meet Amy! Selfless in her love for her children and unapologetic for how grateful and overjoyed she is to be...

Meet Olga

Meet Olga! Energetic, full of optimism and constantly striving for balance. She takes time to reflect on and readjust her...

Meet Regan

Meet Regan! Pragmatic, thoughtful and deeply focused on creating small moments of joy. She is always investing in presence and...

Meet Asawari

Meet Asawari! She has a natural sensibility to see the world from her children’s perspective and embrace the magic, fleeting...

Meet Sangeeta

Meet Sangeeta – The funny, humble, steadfast rock that keeps her family’s train running. She has tirelessly comforted her son...

Meet Christine

Meet Christine – An effortlessly kind and nurturing parent who truly practices a growth mindset herself. Her intentionality is infectious...

Meet Farell and Ashby

Meet Farell and Ashby – Grounded, thoughtful and fun! Just a few words that came to mind when we got...

Meet Ashley

Meet Ashley! One of the most reflective parents we know and one of our most supportive Plinkit champions (thank you!)....

Meet Andria

Meet Andria! A thoughtful mama raising five (5!!) children – from toddler to teen – in Atlanta, Georgia. Authentic…confident…she inspires...

Meet Misasha

Meet Misasha! A trailblazing Mamma who co-created Dear White Women (@dearwhitewomenpodcast), a podcast dedicated to tackling difficult topics that are...

Meet Sergei

Meet Sergei! A fabulously engaging Dad to two young boys who became an online sensation with his creative science experiments...

Meet Jessica

Meet Jessica! She’s one of the most intentional parents we know. We had the joy of meeting Jessica during one...


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