P.S. – In many instances, a topic fits under multiple child development skill categories. To make things simple, we’ve organized topics into the development skill that would be distinctively developed.

Critical Thinking – Problem solving, thinking outside-the-box and asking questions. Categorizing, seeing patterns and themes and strengthening memory.

Social & Emotional – Building a diverse emotional vocabulary to promote self-awareness, self-control and self-expression. Finding solutions to social challenges.

Language & Literacy – Learning to express oneself and to communicate with others. Introducing robust vocabulary, making word-play fun and instilling a love for reading.

Creativity & Imagination – Making sense of the world and exploring possibility. Discovering new abilities and interests, practicing social skills, trying out diverse roles and working through questions and feelings.

Fine Motor & Gross Motor – Improving dexterity, physical control and spatial awareness. Developing attention and focus.